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Yonex Badminton String Checklist
Restring Price listing by ERR mainly only import Japan Model and SP coded Variation string count on some of the string on region centered instance which necessarily mean some nation producing the model and several are don’t.

Especially Yonex some region like BG66 only Singapore are advertising but imported from Malaysia KL in other nation may not producing.

Correspondingly Yonex badminton string are essentially the most well known string in Singapore. Actually this badminton String good quality is secure than other new string in marketplace and every one of the restring Price tag list we protect ninety five%.

Restring Cost checklist are pursuing down below :

(0.58mm) Kizuna Z58 Badminton Restringing ($18)
(0.63mm) Kizuna Z63 Badminton Restringing ($18)
(0.64mm) Kizuna Z64X Badminton Restringing ($eighteen)
(0.69mm) Kizuna Z69 Badminton Restringing ($seventeen)
(0.61mm) Yonex Aerosonic Badminton Restringing ($eighteen)
(0.61mm) JP Yonex Aerosonic Badminton Restring ($20)
(0.62mm) ZyMax 62 Hearth Badminton Restringing ($seventeen)
(0.63mm) Victor VBS-63 Badminton Restringing ($17)
(0.65mm) Yonex Repulsion BG sixty six Ultimax Badminton Restring ($seventeen)
(0.65mm) JP Yonex Repulsion BG sixty six Ultimax Badminton Restring ($20)
(0.65mm) Yonex String BG 66 Power Badminton Restring ($seventeen)
(0.65mm) JP Yonex String BG sixty six Force Badminton Restringing ($20)
(0.65mm) Li-Ning No. 1 Badminton Restring ($seventeen)
(0.65mm) Gosen G-Tone five Badminton Restring ($sixteen)
(0.65mm) JP Gosen G-Tone 5 Badminton Restringing ($19)
(0.66mm) JP Pro Flex 66 Badminton Restring ($seventeen.00)
(0.66mm) Yonex BG66 Badminton Restring ($eighteen.00)
(0.66mm) Victor VBS-66 NANO Badminton Restringing ($17)
(0.66mm) Yonex Nanogy 98 Badminton Restring ($19)
(0.66mm) JP Yonex Nanogy ninety eight Badminton Restring ($19)
(0.66mm) Yonex BG 6 Badminton Restringing ($fourteen)
(0.67mm) JP Yonex Aerobite (0.61mm)Vertical Badminton Restring ($20)
(0.67mm) Yonex Aerobite Horizontal+(0.61mm)Vertical Badminton Restring ($twenty)
(0.67mm) Yonex BG85 Badminton Restring ($eighteen)
Yonex SP Badminton String
Restring Cost Checklist Japan String Singapore
(0.68mm) Yonex BG 80 Badminton Restringing ($17)
(0.68mm) Yonex BG 68 TI Badminton Restringing ($seventeen)
(0.68mm) JP Yonex BG eighty Badminton Restringing ($twenty)
(0.68mm) Yonex BG eighty POWER Badminton Restringing-suggested ($19)
(0.68mm) JP Yonex BG 80 Electricity Badminton Restringing ($19)
(0.69mm) Yonex Nanogy ninety five Badminton Restringing ($19)
(0.69mm) JP Yonex Nanogy ninety five Badminton Restringing ($22)
(0.69mm) Yonex Nanogy ninety nine Badminton Restringing ($19)
(0.69mm) JP Yonex Nanogy ninety nine Badminton Restringing ($22)
(0.69mm) Lining No. 5 Badminton Restringing ($16)
(0.69mm) Gosen G-Tone 9 Badminton Restringing ($16)
(0.69mm) JP Gosen G-Tone 9 Badminton Restringing ($16)
(0.69mm) Victor VBS-69 Badminton Restringing ($seventeen)
(0.70mm) Yonex BG sixty five Badminton Restringing ($sixteen)
(0.70mm) JP Yonex Longevity BG sixty five Racket Restringing ($19)
(0.70mm) JP Cyber All-natural 200 Badminton Restringing ($20)
(0.70mm) Yonex BG 65 Titanium Badminton Restringing ($17)
(0.70mm) JP Yonex KYO TITAN BG 65 Titanium Badminton Restringing ($20)
(0.70mm) Lining No.seven Badminton Restringing ($fifteen)
(0.70mm) Victor VBS-70 Badminton Restringing ($sixteen)
Commonly QUESTIONED Responses
one . Lead Time (How long it would consider ?) Response : 1 Doing work times. Currently mail right before 8pm,tomorrow collect following 3pm.

2 . Exact same day assortment ? Reply : Indeed, Test with Stringer Agenda Availability

three . To the location restring assistance ? Respond to : one several hours -More demand $five

four . What really should i present in more charity job advance of i send out my racket ?

Remedy : You should present

i) Your Identify

ii) String Design

iii) Pressure

5 . In which is your area ? Reply : Examine on google “ERR Badminton or Just click here

6 . When can i send my racket ? Please Look at While using the stringer in advance of send out. Get hold of below



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